The Final Collection is live

One of the most luxurious and limited NFT collections ever made.

Diamond Hands ltd. is a limited NFT collection of meticulously and beautifully crafted diamond hands. Above all however, this collection is a statement, a manifest of loyalty and allegiance to the world of cryptocurrencies.

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The Final Collection

With the exceptional success of our initial set of Diamond Hands, we have decided that our collection deserves a worthy closing. Something that shows the exquisite beauty of our Diamond Hand and infuses a message behind our collection. We believe that, once again, we have created something truly special and wonderful.


"Evolution" Edition

“Evolution” edition symbolizes the transition from an average investor to one that is fearless and profitable, no matter the market conditions. It doesn’t matter where you start, it’s about who you become.

Mint Amount
150 pieces


"Origins" Edition

“Origins” edition takes inspiration from the raw diamond stones used to craft the unique original. Something so beautiful and exquisite can only be created with time and unprecedented effort.

Mint Amount
150 pieces

Work of Art

"Work of Art" Edition

“Work of Art” edition emphasizes that the Diamond Hand shouldn’t just be appreciated for its symbolic meaning. It is an object that also holds immense artistic and aesthetic value.

Mint Amount
150 pieces

The Original Collection

Our original set of Diamond Hands will always remain our first, fundamental element of the collection. Each edition in this set creates a stunning and unique atmosphere that reveals different properties of the Diamond Hand.


Black Edition

Black Edition emphasizes the elegance and sophistication of the Diamond Hand.

Mint Amount
50 pieces


Turquoise Edition

Turquoise Edition accentuates the unique and beautiful light-reflecting properties of the Diamond Hand.

Mint Amount
50 pieces


Azure Edition

Azure Edition showcases a perfect balance of elegance and flamboyance of the Diamond Hand.

Mint Amount
50 pieces

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